SASTRA University

Started in 1984, as Shanmugha College of Engineering, now renamed as SHANMUGHA ARTS, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH ACADEMY, SASTRA has risen high as one among the premier educational institutions in the millennia-old sands of Thanjavur. SASTRA boasts a sprawling campus housing a built-up area of over 25,00,000 square feet and a vibrant population of more than 9,000 students and over 700 teaching faculty. Offering various undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Engineering, Science, Education, Management, Law and Arts besides various Doctoral programs, SASTRA equips its students with state-of-the-art laboratories, a well-stocked library and offers one of the best computing facilities. Since its inception, SASTRA has achieved national standing in terms of academic performance, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities and also in its growth and commitment to social service. The standard of excellence of our courses is reflected in the grades awarded to us by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council and in the success of our students in industry and academia, both in India & abroad. SASTRA shapes its students' future by fostering a teamwork approach to instruction, encouraging interaction with faculty, providing access to high tech information, motivating them to develop new ideas and concepts, taking personal interest in students' career development and preparing them for success.



The Winner of STETSON International Moot Court Competition, Indian National Rounds 2017 is Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law


The Runner of STETSON International Moot Court Competition, Indian National Rounds 2017 is Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Semi Final Results

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Quarter Final Results

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Octa Final Results

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Preliminary rounds Results

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School of Law

In a bold step towards private institutional education in the legal sphere, School of Law, SASTRA University had its humble beginning in 2008. Starting with a small but talented pool of students, School of Law is now a successful venture with 640 students. This growth and the responsibility of handling such potent talents year after year is no easy task. To metamorphose such visions into practical realities we have a host of accomplished and dedicated staff members and Head of the Department, Dr P. Ravisekhararaju. School of Law's set mission and programme have proven to be extremely effective and this is reflected in our diverse student population. The School of Law hosts students from all over the world, facilitating an accommodative and culturally enriching environment.

Surana & Surana

Providing quick relief and dedication to the success of its clients is the basis for Surana&Surana's continuous ranking as a top-tier Indian law firm. This firm is recommended as a 'first choice' for legal assistance in South India. Surana&Surana is much sought after for its expertise, responsiveness, commercial sense, quick turnaround, personal attention, client satisfaction, multi-disciplinary inputs and practical cost effective solutions.

Surana moots a venture aimed at increasing awareness about moot court activities around the world and inculcating the drive to participate in various moot court competitions. It is a single point of dissemination of information about various moot courts and endeavours to spread the message of moot to all law students, thus ensuring that all law students would have a level playing ground to compete in any moot court competition. By this venture, we also seek to increase the intensity and quality of mooting in every moot court competition.It also stresses on the professional development that emerges out of such intellectual exercises. It brings together tomorrow's lawyers who can forge long-lasting friendships that may blossom into fruitful professional relationships in future. The firm constantly endeavours to bring in newer and enhanced ways to organise moot courts, increase quality participation, and generate excellence in mooting.For over 15 Years, every year, the firm has hosted, administered and sponsored over a dozen moot court competitions.


  • Dr. S. Vaidhyasubramaniam
    Dean - Planning & Development
    SASTRA University
  • Dr. Ravichandran
    Advocate & Head, Academic Initiatives,
    Surana & Surana International Attorneys, Chennai
  • Dr. P. Ravisekhararaju
    Head of the Department and Administrator - in - Charge,
    School of Law,
    SASTRA University
  • Prof. Sathishprem S. R. Raghuvarathan
    Faculty Coordinator,
    SASTRA University


Student Convenors:

  • Convenor - Samson Premkumar Daniel
  • Co - Convenor - Ananyashri. K

Members of Core Committee:

  • Kalicharan
  • Lalitha Sarvani. A
  • Nivethaveni. K
  • Vishvas. B
  • Pragash. B
  • Ethunandhan. S
  • Revanth. A
  • Jeeva Kuralamudhu C.S
  • Devayani Nair
  • Barathan. B
  • Srivathsa Subrahmaniam. M
  • Adithiyan. V
  • Hemanathan. K
  • Shilpa Gulecha
  • Nitin Chopra
  • Akash. B


School Of Law, SASTRA University (Venue of Competition)

Irrigation Management Training Institute, Thuvakudi (Place of Accommodation)