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Legal education should be dynamic rather than static. In order to keep the lawyers abreast with the changing law in the society there is a need to organize seminars, conferences and workshops etc., both at the national and international level on various subjects of law which are still unexplored. Hence, Continuing Legal Education is the need of the hour. SOL has therefore established a CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION CENTRE (CLEC) which has a scheme of organizing around 4 Residential Programmes per semester for a short span of 2-3 days on various subjects. In an age of specialization and trans-national legal practice, enterprising professionals have to learn the changing demands for legal services and prepare themselves to the tasks involved. The focus is on young professionals seeking to mould their career on strong foundations of professionalism and best practices. These Programmes are designed to make them learn the developments in select areas of legal practice and to enable acquisition of capabilities to offer specialized services in multiple jurisdictions.